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Want to improve your employee onboarding experience but don't have the time?
myjoboffer can help!

Employee onboarding is your chance to introduce new employees to your organisation and help them settle in quickly. myjoboffer is an employee onboarding solution that automates contract delivery, digitalises new hire forms & company policy acceptance and most importantly gives new employees a memorable and engaging welcome.

Improve your new hire engagement and time to hire while reducing the burden your HR team.

Create experiences

myjoboffer creates experiences and memories for new employees. Starting a new job should be exciting and our prepare for day one module allows new employees to feel part of your team before they even start.

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Automate the important stuff

Use myjoboffer to make sure the important stuff happens.  IT setup requests, manager engagement reminders, Property & Security requests can all be automated so new employees are ready to go on their first day.

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Keep track of your new hires

With myjoboffer you can easily keep track of your new hire's onboarding progress at every step. You will reduce your time to hire, be more organised and make a great first impression for your new employees.

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myjoboffer makes the onboarding of new employees easy on any device.

myjoboffer screens on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

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Digital employee onboarding software - What's included

  • Offer Queue
  • Progressive steps
  • Mobile responsive
  • Customise content
  • Day one
  • Notifications
  • Integrations
  • Contract Builder
  • Custom Built Forms

The impressive offer queue


 Offer Queue



The offer queue is your dashboard and provides you with up to the minute information on each new hire and their progress in completing their offer. You can access detailed information on the completion status of each step in the onboarding process.




A seamless progressive step by step process


progressive steps


New hires are guided through the onboarding journey with intuitive and clear steps to digitally accept their offer, complete their forms, upload relevant documents, acknowledge company policies and prepare for their first day with your organisation.





Completely mobile & tablet friendly


mobile responsive


myjoboffer is mobile responsive allowing new hires to accept their offer and complete their onboarding journey on the go via smartphone or tablet. This supports improvements in your time to fill performance as new hires don’t need to wait until they have access to a computer.




Fully branded to look just like your website


custom content


Customise the look and feel to your brand. Banners, logos and information presented to new hires can be easily configured by you ensuring that your new hires are presented with the most up to date information. myjoboffer can also provide custom forms to allow you to capture all the information you need without separate paper forms.




Welcome new employees in style



The day one portal is your canvas where you can upload videos, images and text to give your new hire everything they need for their first day. Everything from induction vidoes, training, maps, social media and transport options, information about surrounding facilities like coffee shops and food outlets can really make a difference to a new employee’s first day.




Easy to configure workflow notifications




Acceptance of the employment contract is often the trigger to many internal processes. Setting up IT access, preparing the workplace and even triggering welcome calls from managers can be easily managed within the email notification function.  You can determine when the email notificiation will be sent by selecting either a timing or a trigger.   




Easy to configure integrations with other HR systems


Payroll & HRIS Integration


Linking information between systems is easy with You can easily build multiple dataflow and avoid complex IT involvement. Alternatively, we can work with you to offer you a 'no touch' integration approach using our API functionality.  Choose the information you want to send to your other key systems and eliminate double-handling and unnecessary work.




SMS notifications for real time communication


sms notifications


New hires receive their secure login details via SMS as soon as you deliver them an employment offer. Now, no matter where new hires are they can immediately access their employment offer, confidently accept it within minutes and commence their onboarding journey making it easier to onboard local, interstate and global talent.


Build your Employment Contract online


Contract of Employment


Create your employment contracts via the platform using our built-in contract builder.  Your organisation's contract templates are uploaded to the platform and configured to upload custom information specific to the employee.  This is the ideal way to for ensuring consistent and compliant employment contracts are delivered to your new employees.




Custom Built Forms that suit your business


Custom Built Forms


Your platform automatically comes configured with 5 standard new employee forms - Contact Details, Emergency Contact Details, Tax File Number Declaration, Superannuation and Bank Details.  You can add extra forms and questions to meet your business requirements.  The document upload facility forms part of your forms section, and is where your new employee will upload the necessary documents you have requested from them.





Enhance onboarding with our add on packs

Onboard + eLearning

Transitioning from classroom learning to e-learning has the potential to transform your organisation. Shortened training time, increased learner control, greater consistency in the message being delivered, and the ability to personalise the training are some of the key benefits of eLearning. Transform your onboarding program by including customised eLearning solutions that we can develop for you.

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Onboard + Learning Management System (LMS)

Modern training needs to be easy and accessible.  This is where you house your eLearning and schedule and promote learning events. Our LMS software allows you to administer, document, track, report and deliver training programs.

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Multi Brand Centre

One size doesn't fit all. Create unique experiences for your businesses different brands and different employees.  This function is ideal for those companies that have a portfolio of multiple brands. You can assign the brand you want and present different brand elements to your employees.  Customisable brand elements include different text, logos and banners to the employee during their onboarding.

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“This HR app has to be one of my favourites. As the name suggests, this site automates your job offer and provides users a suite of customisable features… When things go this smoothly from the start, it creates a memorable first impression.”

Rachel Hill – HRM Online

“The benefits of myjoboffer for our business has been little to no printed documents to file, a user experience that is fresh and easy to navigate, and a smooth process for sharing the information with our HRIS. We are very pleased with the product and the accessible and efficient support from myjoboffer team.”

Jennifer Bass – Cuscal

“I am particularly impressed with the ease of implementation and follow up support provided by myjoboffer”

Sonya Gibson – Primary Health Tasmania

“myjoboffer has revolutionised the way Kagome hires people. The system has enabled us to onboard employees in a matter of hours rather than weeks and has removed the endless data entry our payroll staff used to be faced by. We LOVE myjoboffer!”

Melanie Davidson – Kagome Australia

Employee onboarding pricing to suit your business needs.


$169 per month


One brand

Up to 25 offers per year

Standard onboarding forms

 Digitally accepted company policies

Flexible integration with other systems

Standard day one experience

Custom branding for your business

Email and SMS offer verification

Optional set up and configuration

Pay as you go support

Trigger based workflow notifications

Making digital onboarding possible for all organisations

Standard terms and conditions apply


$329per month

One brand

Unlimited employment offers included

Standard & custom built employee forms

Digitially accepted company policies

Multiple day one experiences

Flexible integration with other systems

Custom branding for your business

Email and SMS offer verification

Set up implementation sessions

Ongoing product support

Trigger based workflow notifications

Ideal for organisations making more than 25 offers a year

Standard terms and conditions apply

*Available on 24-month subscription plan, billed annually



$384per month

One additional Brand Centre

Unlimited employment offers

Standard & custom built employee forms

Digitally accepted company policies

Multiple Prepare employees for day one

Standard third party integration

Email and SMS offer verification

Additional Brand Centre Offerings

Two set up implementation sessions

Ongoing product support

Trigger based workflow notifications

Ideal for organisations who have a portfolio of multiple brands

Standard terms and conditions apply

Who's already onboard?

Here are just a few of the businesses already experiencing the benefits of digital employee onboarding with myjoboffer.

Ready to explore it for yourself? Try it free for 30 days and bring your employee onboarding to life.

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