The Multi Brand Centre means diversified businesses can deliver a diversified onboarding experience!

It is becoming more common for companies to have a portfolio of multiple brands. Market segmentation has become an ideal way to increase the company’s influence on consumers who make purchasing decisions based on factors which vary drastically from one consumer to another. The Multi Brand (MB) Centre allows you to deliver customized messages & images which relate to each of the company’s brand portfolios.

Some of our customers use the Multi Brand (MB) Centre as a means of re-onboarding existing employees whose details have not been confirmed since they joined the business. This means employee records can be updated and policies and procedures recertified with little disruption to the day to day running of the business.

  • Companies who have a multi brand strategy are able to deliver brand specific onboarding experiences
  • Customizable brand elements including different text, logos and banners
  • Cost effective way of updating existing employee records and recertification of policies & procedures for existing staff.

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