A seamless progressive step by step process

progressive steps

We've made it super easy for new employees to complete their onboarding with simple progressive steps

New hires are guided through the onboarding journey with intuitive and clear steps to digitally accept their offer, complete their forms, upload relevant documents, acknowledge company policies and prepare for their first day with your organisation. Progressive steps means employees move through their onboarding with ease.

We've come to learn that onboarding has been traditionally seen as cumbersome and daunting process as new employees try and navigate all the forms and documents they need to read and complete. With our intuitive progressive steps process, new employees are easily guided through each of the onboarding tasks they need to undertake. After each step is complete, the next step alights indicating they are ready to move on. A 'done' green banner indicates a new employee has completed that step - it's that easy!

  • New employees seamlessly progress through their onboarding in a linear, guided process known as progressive steps
  • We unlock each step as they complete the experience to ensure everything is completed correctly; the first time
  • New employees can always go back and read or cover off steps they've already completed
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